Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Animals And Flowers

Went to Value Village and picked up packages of plastic animals over the last couple of weeks and here are some of my jewels. A tiny blue elephant and litte cat.
I took the shots on my Reality Forest set and used a doll so you can see their size.

This was the absolute jewel in one package First off, the package of about a dozen little tiny creatures, only $2.99. Yay. This owl is primo. It's got a wing span longer than the doll used in this rant about new plastic animals. Anyways the detail on the owl is fantastic and will make a great addition to my bin of animals.

I've already taken some practice shots with it.

This wild boar is pretty fierce looking. He even has some pretty scary tusks.

Already took some practice shots with it too.

A new little horned elk or something. It's a little small but it'll make a good meal for a Reality Forest snake.

A new tiger and two little cubs. The cubs aren't the greatest. They're pretty scratched up and the bigger tiger is smaller than the others already in my collection.

This was the reason for the second package I bought. A cool bird.

I hate the stand, but that'll be easy enough to cover up.

It was fun to practice with too.
I also splurged and spent $3 at the dollar store and got three bunches of the pink flowers you see. They'll make a nice addition to Reality Forest foliage.
I needed some new animals for a new scene. The animals will run past the characters. The characters will then catch on that the animals are running from something and then they need to run as well. In this scene they will be running from piranha-spiders and not all of the characters will make it. Two or three new characters will also be introduced for this story. I'll talk about it more in the next posting.

A new lizard with a pretty funky row of teeth. Also a nice surprise in the package.

It'll make a creepy addition to my lizards.

And once again.

I practiced with it.
In black and white for fun.

The other lizard in the package.

And finally a turtle.

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