Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Reality Forest Blog Header

Thought I'd change the header of the blog last week. I needed to add some colour and keep the mystery.
I chose red for the letters because it stands out very well against the dark and green backgrounds of Reality Forest sets and green compliments red nicely.
I wanted the letters to drip, or look as if something (blood) was dripping from them. I think this example was a bit much. I didn't end up using it.

I was going to use this originally but it lacked something. I added the dripping red later.

This is the original header. It was a little mysterious and creepy because of the lizard climbing out of same water the ladies are bathing in.
I like the bathing beauties myself. It would make me want to enter the blog.

This is the original picture. I snapped more than a thousand photos. Some with different dolls (male and female) and different angles. It turns out, this was the very second shot I took.

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