Wednesday, December 15, 2010

RIP Cassidy The Giant Rabbit

Cassidy, the rabbit-actor who played the giant rabbit in Reality Forest, passed away suddenly on Monday December 13.

This is a small showing of the work he did with me.
As an individual he loved his picture taken. He would pose for you to get the perfect shot, then he would change positions for you to get an even better shot.
In this scene he was supposed to terrorize the characters he was working with.

Instead he became a diva and couldn't work under the strenuous conditions. The actors were disrupting his focus.

In this scene he was to terrorize the fellow laying on the ground in front of him.

Instead he decided to relax and pose.

Like the diva he was, he was ready to play when a treat was introduced.

And I had to change the position of the doll to work around the rabbit.

He didn't seem impressed with the leg prop either.

He turned a horrific situation into something cute. He didn't even try to nibble the leg in this scene.

This is one of the most adorable pictures I've ever taken of Cassidy. He just looks like an absolute angel.

This is him checkin out the set. He always gave it a good once over just to make sure there wasn't anything tastey he should know about.

Chillin and being cute on break.

This is one of my favourite pictures of Cassidy. He looks so mean and tough for a giant rabbit.

Looking adorable again.

Again not cooperating. When he doesn't chew on the legs it makes it less horrible.

Posing with a little turtle friend on set.

Cassidy certainly wasn't in the photographic mood this day. He wouldn't give me good face at all. I tried my best to get him to pose with this skeleton and he was not having it.

Before the meal.

During the meal.
You can see I used pink yogurt treats and red chopped strawberries to get him to nibble out of the corpse.

After the meal.

Mr Centre-Of-Attention himself had to upstage the actors in this scene. As always doing it very cute.

(In memory of Cassidy 2007-2010)

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