Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Making Of The Stream

I start off with flat board covering my freezer covered in grey cloth. 
I cover the walls with black cloth and add artificial vegetation (plastic plants) on top of that.
To make the back part of the river I raised the back with bags of top soil. They are generally flat to work with and they were in the garage so I used them. They are covered in grey cloth already.
Next I lay down a black cloth folded and laid down from back to front. This is where the river will be flowing.

Now I start covering the edges of the black cloth with big rocks.

Now time to cover all of the edges with rocks of various sizes.

This is from a different angle.

Now it's time to fill in the centre with shiney rocks. This will give the impression of wet rocks. You can clear coat rocks with clear paint or even purchase them this way.

More rocks added.

Now I've added moss covered rocks on the outer edges and I will start to fill in with more plastic vegetation.
To top off the river, I added cobalt blue glass. This gives the impression of water running down a stream.

This is where you can now add insects and bugs and characters to enhance your set.

This is one of the final shots used for Reality Forest.

Here is the same shot further away at a different angle.

And here is another shot used in Reality Forest.

Here's another shot looking up the stream with a different character. 
This time you can see some bugs on the rocks and a conveniently placed skull in the flowing river. Oooh, Reality Forest is scary.

Another scene. You may notice the small frog in the foreground.

And another angle.

And one more scene. This time with a giant alligator.

Here's a far shot of the same scene.

I just threw this pic in to be funny.
I hope you enjoyed making a river in Reality Forest.


Until the next diorama. (might be a waterfall) Enjoy

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